Here at Beacon Landscapes, we know you have many companies to choose from for your "Lawn Care & Landscaping" needs for your home. That's why we have spent countless hours, resources, money and training on bringing you the best customer experience. How have we done that you ask?

  • Instant Online Estimates: We have spent time and money on installing a estimating tool on our website. You can put in your address and "boom" you get a price. Pretty cool right?
  • Automated Communication: Ever get a message 24 hrs. before your Lawn Care provider comes to your home? How about a message letting you know the Lawn Maintenance at your home is complete? Yes, we do that!
  • Automated Payments: Ever forget to pay a bill? I know we have! That's why we accept payments via your debit/credit card and you know exactly what the cost is every time! Yes, we do that too!
  • We do more than cut grass: Need a "one stop shop" for all things Lawn care? We offer Landscaping, Shrub pruning, bed maintenance, mulch, flower installation and the list just keeps on going! Yes, we do that too!
"Changing the way, you see Lawn Care"